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For When the Winds Blow

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This winter has been relentless!

Snow and ice and cold air… this “Arctic Blast” has taken its toll on nearly everyone I know.  The general consensus is that spring is not coming soon enough!

Isn’t it funny that in December winter seems magical and enchanting (who doesn’t dream of a white Christmas?), but come January (and now well into February), winter is just annoying and exhausting?

For me, the wind might be my least favorite part of winter.  It’s just cold… bone-chilling cold.  The way it tends to swirl around and change directions make it seem unpredictable and fickle.

Those of us with control issues don’t like unpredictable or fickle.

Lately, though, I have felt a little unpredictable and fickle myself… Much like the wind, my thoughts and emotions have been swirling.  It’s been hard for me to stay grounded.

I’ve felt a lot like a flag at the top of a flagpole.  This thought has me blowing in one direction… and then that emotion comes along and whips me all the way around.  I feel tossed about.  My edges are feeling tattered.

In those moments it helps me to think about the flagpole.  I am learning where the flagpoles are in my life.  There are things and people in my life who hold me steady when the blustery thoughts and emotions threaten to rip me away and toss me into the cold winter air.

The flagpoles are solid.  They are strong.  They are consistent.  My husband, my friends and family, my faith, my God…. all of these are flagpoles for me.  They hold me, they tell me truth, they remind who I am and WHOSE I am.  Often they let me swirl and ruminate and they just stand strong and steady until the winds subside.  Most importantly, they stay connected to me… even when I don’t seem like I want them to.  They don’t let go.

This winter season of my healing journey has reminded me of how much I need the flagpoles.  I don’t have to do it alone.  I can’t do it alone.  I need the consistency, stability, and security of the flagpole.

I know winter will end and spring will come (likely with its own version of wind!).  But for now, RIGHT NOW, while I am still in the blustery winds, I am thankful for the flagpoles that hold this tattered flag steady.


One thought on “For When the Winds Blow

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