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Five Minute Friday: Crowd


{It’s Friday!  Actually, it’s Saturday where I am, but Friday got away from me somehow!  But it can still be time for Five Minute Friday, right??  The rules are simple:  A one-word prompt.  5 minutes of focused writing.  No editing.  And then we link up here to see what God has put on hearts all over blog-world  🙂 }

Today’s (yesterday’s) word:  Crowd


Remember that woman who had the blood disorder?  The one who fought through the crowd to get to Jesus?  Every cultural standard said she shouldn’t have been there.  I would imagine that every person she touched as she fought through the crowd knew it… I’m sure SHE knew it.

Some days, I don’t need to fight through a literal crowd of people to get to Jesus.  Some days, the voices in my head are enough of a crowd.

“Who do you think you are?”

“You can’t…”

“You aren’t enough, remember?”

“You are damaged, broken.”

“No one wants you here.”

And yet, in the middle of all of that noise, that chaos, that confusion… there is Jesus.  Jesus, who not only speaks truth, but HE IS THE TRUTH.  And if I can just get through the crowd of voices to HIM…

If I can touch even the edge of the garment of the TRUTH…

He meets me there.  Every time.

“My child.  YOU are enough.  You can.  I love you.”

And the crowd goes silent.



8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Crowd

  1. beautiful! so true that we often have to most fight against the crowd of voices in our heads. I can’t imagine how difficult both of those things were for the woman with perpetual bleeding. thanks for sharing on #FMF!

  2. ONe of my all time favorite New Testament Stories. I love this one because He teaches that we are each important to Him, even when we are ill and unknown, He is there. Love your thoughts today.

  3. lovely… seems like several have thought of the woman with the bleeding disorder when hearing the word crowd. it never even crossed my mind!

    may God give you courage and persistence to fight the crowds… in real life and in your mind… as you draw ever nearer to Jesus.

  4. Such beautiful words of comfort. You did a great job with this week’s word! I love how it ended and the image of God saying you are enough and the crowd going silent. I loved the image of trying to get through the crowd to touch an edge of his garment of Truth! Pleasure to stop by and read this today….

    • Thanks for your encouragement and for stopping by Rebekah! It’s so true… for me, when I hear Jesus speak His truth, all the other voices seem to be at a loss for words! Truth always silences the lies.

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