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Five Minute Friday: Fill

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Fill.  I could use me some of that.  I need to be filled.  Am I the only one?

Life is draining.  Kids and jobs and relationships and to-do’s… not to mention the struggle in my own skin as I walk through my own healing journey.

Sometimes I feel so… empty.

A few weeks ago I sat in a room full of kids at a vacation Bible camp.  The large group leader was talking about God’s love… how it’s limitless and pure and free.

I watched as she reached for a pitcher of water.  She then poured that water into a smaller container.  As she slowly poured, she talked about how God’s love is like this water… pouring out onto us if we can just be open enough to receive it.

As she continued to pour the water, and the smaller container filled up, I noticed the kids were still.  Their big eyes just watched the water pouring out.  Nothing could distract them.

And then it happened.  The smaller container overflowed. It poured out into a shallow tray. At that moment, the kids all smiled.  Some laughed out loud.  I noticed a huge smile spread across my own face.

Because God’s love makes us joyful.  His Love not only fills my emptiness (which in itself is amazing!), but then I overflow.  And when I am full of His Love to the point of overflowing, it spills out all around me… into those very things that drain me.

My kids, my job, my relationships, my to-do’s… and yes, even that healing journey.  All of those areas of my life are touched… and healed… by Love.

If I can just be open to receive it.





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