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For When the Winds Blow

This winter has been relentless!

Snow and ice and cold air… this “Arctic Blast” has taken its toll on nearly everyone I know.  The general consensus is that spring is not coming soon enough!

Isn’t it funny that in December winter seems magical and enchanting (who doesn’t dream of a white Christmas?), but come January (and now well into February), winter is just annoying and exhausting?

For me, the wind might be my least favorite part of winter.  It’s just cold… bone-chilling cold.  The way it tends to swirl around and change directions make it seem unpredictable and fickle.

Those of us with control issues don’t like unpredictable or fickle. Continue reading


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It’s been several weeks ago now.  I was sitting in my car with some time to kill because I was early for an appointment. Just the day before, a pretty significant snow storm rolled through, but that storm was gone now and all that was left was cold air, sunshine, and a snow-blanket on the ground.  I don’t know what made me notice, but the sunlight was hitting the mirror on my car door in just the right way and drops of melting snow sparkled and shimmered. I watched as the snow melted into drops of water that swelled until they couldn’t hang onto the car anymore, and then they fell to the ground.  Drop after drop formed… the same way, with the same result.  Continue reading



It’s fall in Cincinnati… the leaves are starting to burst in color, the mornings are cool, and it’s time for hoodies and boots.  Even the sky has changed. The hazy skies of summer are gone, leaving behind a brilliant shade of blue.

I had planned to run errands last Saturday morning and my son wanted to tag along.  He woke before I did, and I sleepily told him that he should wear pants instead of shorts because it was chilly out… and then I bolted awake with this thought:  I bet nothing from last fall and winter fits him! Continue reading

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“Impossible” Life

As I was scrolling through some of my writing this morning, I found this.  I wrote this journal entry last summer.  We had planted a garden and it was our first time doing so.  We had no idea what we were doing!  It was more of a project for our son (who loves nature and animals and definitely has some traits of a really good farmer!) than anything else.  We had no idea if we would harvest anything, and really had no expectations.  This was just going to be a fun thing for him and for us as a family, and if we actually got anything edible out of it, then that was a bonus! Turns out, God had some things to show me (He always does!), and while our little seeds grew all summer… so did I. Continue reading