My Right Now Life

learning to fully embrace this moment and fully live right now…

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Happy New… Moment?

It’s in the air.  I can almost feel it on my skin.  This sense of “new-ness”… with a new year comes a new beginning, a blank slate, a fresh start.

My Facebook and Twitter feeds are exploding with reflections of 2013 and hopes for 2014.

It seems everyone is thinking about what the past year brought for them – both the blessings and the burdens.  And it seems like everyone is in hopeful anticipation about what the new year is going to bring.

There’s nothing wrong with that.  This is certainly a good time to reflect.  And it’s a good time to have hope for the future.

But… I also wrestle with it. Continue reading




It’s fall in Cincinnati… the leaves are starting to burst in color, the mornings are cool, and it’s time for hoodies and boots.  Even the sky has changed. The hazy skies of summer are gone, leaving behind a brilliant shade of blue.

I had planned to run errands last Saturday morning and my son wanted to tag along.  He woke before I did, and I sleepily told him that he should wear pants instead of shorts because it was chilly out… and then I bolted awake with this thought:  I bet nothing from last fall and winter fits him! Continue reading

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First Day of School (My Thoughts on Surrender…)

Part of learning to live right now is learning to surrender.

And surrender is hard.  So hard.  Interestingly, even writing about it is hard.

It seems like lately my life has been one moment of surrender after another.  It’s becoming more and more obvious to me that God really wants me to trust Him and Him alone, because He has asked me to surrender some pretty big things (to me), things that I maybe had more faith in than Him.  He is teaching me that I need have full confidence and trust in Him alone, and not in these other things. Continue reading

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Gripping the Steering Wheel

We were in the car when she asked the question:

“What are you working so hard to do, here?  What is in your hand that you are not willing to let go of?”  Those words poured out of my friend’s mouth, and I gripped the steering wheel tighter. Continue reading


Go Anyway

Drops of water hit the windshield and my heart sank a little.

“It figures,” I thought.

We recently discovered a park in our city and I had promised the kids we would go back when we could stay longer.  This was the day.  The weather report said there was a chance of rain, but it wouldn’t be a wash-out.  I was hoping we would be on the dry side of that chance.

Evidently we weren’t. Continue reading

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When Numbers Have Too Much Value

I’ve posted before about keeping a list of things to be thankful for, about the way counting to 1000 gifts was life-changing for me. What I didn’t share before is that I keep that list in an app on my phone. I guess I could put a pencil to paper, but my phone is always close by, and the app has a cool camera feature so I can attach photos to my gifts… that just works for me.

I’ve heard it said that technology is really great when it works… Continue reading

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Counting to 1000

I’ve mentioned it before, but it is worth repeating: Ann Voskamp‘s book, “One Thousand Gifts” seriously changed my life. And I don’t use the phrase “changed my life” often or lightly.

I found out about the book at a time when I desperately needed it, but didn’t know it. Continue reading